FAQ: Lottery hypnosis

Did you ever win a lottery? How can you know how to win?

Yes, several times. I did not get millions (yet), but I was happy and grateful to the Universe every time I won. I had people in my family also winning several hundred thousands of euro. Having said that, I spent thousands of hours researching all available material, interviewing and reading about people who won to prepare the recording. After modelling and studying people who won lots of money, millions, I gathered the beliefs and also behaviours that were common to the people that have won. And all that deep knowledge is now on the recording! Try it out, download it now!

If I listen to your recording now and I win a lottery in one year, do I still need to pay you 9.97%?

Yes, once you have listened to our recording your unconscious mind might need one hour or one month sometimes even more time to process and achieve what you are programming it for. Sometimes it can take more years, sometimes it happens in a week, a day or even in an hour. It is something that you can not predict. We had people winning the same day!

If I win 100 $, do I still need to pay you the donation or commission of 9.97$?

No, the percentage of your donation or commission - only applies if you win 5000$ and above. But please do provide us with an email that you won 100$ or 1000$ for our record. For our celebration! We would be happy to hear about every time you win!

How will you know that I won let’s say 100 millions $? How can you collect your 9%?

We won't know. There are no means or ways to know that you have won 100 million$, however your unconscious mind will know and will remember it for the rest of your life. But imagine that after winning 100 million you will only donate or pay us the small commission of 9,970,000.00 $ to us and you are still left with 90,030,000.00 $ so with little over 90 million$. Is it better to have 100% of 0 or to have 90.03% of 100 million? We believe in our product so much that we give it away at a such a low price and with little risk for you. Would you rather pay 100.000,00 $ for the recording? Take the option and download the recording. We would love to celebrate your winnings with you!

Can you guarantee that I will win?

No, there is absolutely no guarantee that we can provide to you. The only guarantee we can give is that we have studied lots of available material on the people that have won millions, studied common patterns, invested lots of time, money and effort in the studying to create the material that is now available to you. When you buy the recording and listen to it and experience it, you will see that it has a profound and deep influence on many people.

Is there a higher likelihood to win if I play more?

According to statistics for sure. But if you will study the likelihood and probability of winning, the chance to win increases only slightly. Our general suggestion is to limit your play to few tickets or small amount of dollars, euros or any of your local currency. If you study people who won hundreds of millions, most of them did play several times before, but never with extremely high amounts invested. Remember only one ticket and one combination is the right one. We would encourage you to put more effort on having fun in your life, working hard and earning all that money with your every day activities and thus creating the right energy and right vibration to attract the lottery winning.

I want to win, but at the same time, when I think of winning, I am scared what to do with all that money - could that block my chances to win?

Indeed, ecology check is something that is helpful that you do before playing. If you win, how are you going to spend all the money, what will you do? Make sure that you have a clear idea and carefully examine what could be the downsides of winning - and deal with them. The recording will help you solve several issues. For example, if you win you might lose some of your friends or relatives or you might need to look after all that money etc - those are some of the things that might block your winning. Many people would like to win and at the same time are afraid to win!

Can I win a lottery even if I do not buy a ticket?

Most people have a firm believe that if you want to win a lottery, you need to buy a ticket. That is not completely true as someone else can buy a ticket for you and give it to you, or you can even accidentally find a ticket on a street. Even, a member of your family can win and give some parts of that money to you. However, if you hold a strong belief that for winning a lottery, you need to buy a ticket, than we would recommend that you - do exactly that.

How do I pick the numbers? Can someone else do it for me?

My biggest win in lottery happened when I took the numbers my wife picked for me. The brother of my uncle’s wife also won several hundred thousands of Euros, when his niece picked his numbers. At that time she was only 3 years old. We also have groups of people playing and winning, where different people picked a number and than the ticket was the winning ticket. Sometimes people might desire their goal so much, that the Universe is unable to communicate the exact numbers to them, therefore might be helpful to have someone else pick the numbers for you. However many winners chose their own number or bought the tickets and won. There is no rule about this.

Is there a general advice you can give to win a lottery?

Yes, for sure. Buy a ticket. Imagine yourself having, owning, spending, enjoying all that money just for few moments every day and than go on with your life. Work, have fun, earn money the way you have done it so far and look for opportunities in what you do. Love your life and enjoy every moment of it. Do not become obsessed with the lottery. When I won my biggest winnings, I only found out a few days later. Some of the biggest winners in history did the same. Bought the ticket, did not think too much at it and went on with their life. Just have fun, enjoy life and create your financial freedom in other ways, lottery winning can only enhance it.

Can I use this audio programme also for other games?

Sure, you can use it to help you with anything you want to win.

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